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HP Compaq Deskpro EN C667/815E/10/64/I/9 (ver. 3.­13) MSZIP wydane 2000.02.09.

Plik pobrany 0 razy i obejrzany 120 razy.

Kategoria PC
Marka HP
Urządzenie Compaq Deskpro EN C667/815E/10/64/I/9
Systemy operacyjne Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 3.x
Wersja 3.­13
Rozmiar pliku 533 Kb
Typ pliku MSZIP
Wydany 2000.02.09
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Firmware Update for HP Compaq Deskpro EN C667/­815E/­10/­64/­I/­9 This SoftPaq creates a bootable diskette that updates particular Seagate hard drives to fix a potential miscompare issue due to caching and a 1790 issue.­ The update autodetects all hard drives currently installed.­ If it finds a Seagate hard drive that has a firmware revision older than contained in this program,­ it automatically updates the firmware.­ Upon completion of all required modifications,­ the user will be informed that the computer must be power cycled.­This firmware update is a non-destructive update.­ User data is not affected.­ Compatible devices: 470010-433,­ 470010-434,­ 470010-435,­ 470010-436,­ 470010-437,­ 470010-438,­ 470010-439,­ 470010-440,­ 470010-441,­ 470010-442

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