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HP Compaq Presario X1233AP (ver. WinFlash 1.­17) INSTALLSHIELD wydane 2004.05.11.

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Kategoria Notebooki
Marka HP
Urządzenie Compaq Presario X1233AP
Systemy operacyjne BIOS
Wersja WinFlash 1.­17
Rozmiar pliku 578 Kb
Wydany 2004.05.11
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BIOS for HP Compaq Presario X1233AP Type: BIOS This SoftPaq contains the video BIOS for the ATI Mobility Radeon 9200 graphics subsystem in the notebook models listed below.­ NOTE: This video BIOS update is recommended only for notebooks that are experiencing problems with the video display during system startup,­ after resuming from Standby,­ or after resuming from hibernation.­ FIXES: - Fixes intermittent issue where the Suspend mode was unstable.­ - Fixes display issue where lid switch causes backlight to turn off.­ HOW TO USE: ** IMPORTANT: DO NOT TURN OFF POWER TO THE COMPUTER WHILE PERFORMING THIS PROCEDURE! ** 1.­ Download the SoftPaq .­EXE file to a directory on your hard drive.­ 2.­ Execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.­ 3.­ After you see the message "This will update your video BIOS,­" Press OK,­ then press the "Program" button and continue to follow the on-screen instructions,­ allowing the computer to restart.­ 4.­ After the computer restarts,­ wait for WinFlash to complete the update of the video BIOS.­ You may not be able to move the mouse during this step.­

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